With our galleries we would like to show what we do at the restaurant, how we do it and most importantly what our little Fans create with just paper and crayons.

The ArtWork speaks for itself. Thank you for drawing it… This is probably the most active gallery! :)

- Great Shots -

Our friend Ken from Ken Stout Photography took these great shots of our food at the restaurant. Thank you!!

You can see more of Ken’s work on his FB page https://www.facebook.com/KenStoutPhotography and website

- Pizza -

Our pizza, made fresh, by hand and cooked in our woodfired pizza oven. These are some of the photos we have been taking. We just wish you could enjoy the aroma while you are browsing the images

- Artwork -

Kids young and not so young make some pretty cool pieces of art! Thank you for all the nice words. As you will see our Fans review are not bogus or made up. It is all real.

- Pasta-

Our Pasta dishes and recipes. Sometimes you will see pasta dishes that are not on our menu. Lots of times, we make a limited about of special dishes, for a very short time. Would you like to know when this micro bursts happen? You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you are in the know.

- From the Kitchen -

We hope you will enjoy the details of how our food is prepared before it is served. Of course, since we make our recipes from scratch, we don't mind showing you how we do it (this is a zinger for other 'fine' food establishments).